Ainvesting review – How I Found And It Became My First Choice

 Ainvesting review – How I Found And It Became My First Choice

Ainvesting Review

For more than 20 years, internet has been a platform and I must say a playground where people have had the opportunity to come and interact as well as practice innovation and improvisation that has proven to improve the lifestyle of other human beings. Since its launch, it has seen thousands of people find themselves becoming millionaires and at times, even billionaires like Jack Ma and Jeff Bezos whose ideas though starting in the beginning of the 21st century are still ruling the world.

Not only this, internet has also provided people the opportunity to work from home and work for firms and companies that are located in different countries and continents and make loads of money as well as bonuses. However, jobs and business is something that was always possible and in the reach of a common person but what was considered unreachable for a common person in the real world was trading. 

Trading has been a sector that seemed to have run in the families like blood and traditions. If you are someone who dreams of starting a trading business, then you are 1 out of millions who dream to do the same but the outcome is that 99% of them fail because either they do not have the finances to support their trades or are pressurized by the already running trading businesses and end up getting intimidated and for the worse, close their businesses.

This has never been the case since the internet has been launched. No matter the class or the amount of investment, if you are determined and dedicated enough, you will able to make it through in the international markets and start increasing your earnings and trades. And this is exactly what caught my attention along with millions of others who also wanted to a find a platform where they could what they always wanted to know

Since my childhood, I have figured out that I’m not the kind of guy cut out to work under any one and neither I’m responsible enough to run a business of my own as I don’t believe in worrying about something 24/7. I do not believe in slow growth and want results the next minute. This is the reason why I chose online trading as my source of income.

Initial Challenges I faced While Finding an Online Trading Brokerage

Determined to find a solution for my need, I started browsing the internet to find the best online trading brokerage that could help me achieve my goals and ambitions. For this purpose, I went through hundreds of brokerages but then I started noticing that every online brokerage seemed to have been following the same format where they claimed to be the best and the most reliable trading brokerage on the internet.

Additionally, all of these brokerages were offering a variety of trading account types with lots of benefits and bonuses that went along the way. At times, these brokerages claimed to be providing 100% welcome bonus and asked investors to make hundreds of thousands of dollar worth of investments in order to trade with them and pay even more to get all of their benefits and services.

This was something that I found odd and came to a conclusion that somewhere in time, these brokerages lowered their standards of providing their clients with the most reliable and customer oriented services and were now concentrated in getting their clients invest more and more money to get services that were limited only to theories.

The reason I was attracted to online trading brokerages is because I had heard that these brokerages focus on providing their customers with services that help them make more and more profits but what I saw was that the brokerages were only concerned about one thing and everything they did was to get more money from their clients.

How I Found AInvesting

After being disappointed at my findings, I went on the lookout for a brokerage that was customer oriented instead of investment oriented. I spent months looking for a site that would serve that purpose and finally, one day I ended up finding that site. That didn’t offer a whole list of trading accounts, but a list of trading instruments. A brokerage that didn’t require their investors to make hefty deposits even to learn the basics but offered a demo account to get a hands-on experience on trading markets.

With the passage of time, I had lost hope that I’d ever find such brokerage but Ainvesting turned out to be exactly the same brokerage that I had hoped to find so I will take this time to share my opinion and feedback about this phenomenal brokerage so you can decide whether you’d want to trade with them or not.

Trading Accounts That Help You Learn

The very first thing that caught my attention and was entirely different from others was the account types that Ainvesting offers. Their choice of trading account shows that they are not after the money of their investors but are focused on providing the best trading environment and practices that are to prove useful for investors at the start as well as throughout their trading journey:

Demo Account

I am sure you know by now the type of accounts that other brokerages offer. If I were a kid, I would need more help and attention growing up than someone who is a teenager or an adult. However, majority of the online brokerages seem to offer guidance to investors who pay the most. This not only demoralizes the new and novice investors, but also makes them reconsider joining such brokerages and when they find majority of the brokerages offering the same, they end up losing faith entirely and choose to find some other source of income than online trading.

This is something that not only harms the reputation of such brokerages but also puts a negative business impact on legit and valid brokerages such as Ainvesting.

This is where Ainvesting tends to offer their customers with a demo account so that they can gain enough knowledge, information and experience before they start trading in the real-time trading markets. The demo account helps investors learn the basics of trading as well as tricks and trends of online trading that they can use in real-time trading to increase their chances of making profits and fortunes.

Real-Time Trading Account

When it comes to real-time trading, Ainvesting doesn’t waste or make claims that are bogus and without any intentions of fulfillment. They focus on providing all of their investors with the same amount of attention, guidance and business advice once the start trading with them. This is something that has proven productive and tends to keep the morale of the investors high. 

Once the investors have a real-time trading account, the investors are given access to all the trading markets currently operational around the globe. They can trade with one of the most unique and advanced trading platform with the most user-friendly as well as support team.

Ainvesting’s Vast Variety of Trading Instruments

This is where Ainvesting leaves every other brokerage behind as they ensure to provide their customers with an entire catalogue of trading assets put together with aims to provide investors with enough trading options that they can choose to trade in or switch to if they find themselves not making enough profits in a particular asset:

Crypto-Currency Trading

Cryptos have proven to be a really interesting type of trade as you can acquire them by either mining or by buying, Crypto trading came into being in 2009 with the launch of the first crypto-currency known as Bitcoin and since then, the crypto market has only seen ahead and has been growing higher ever since. At present, there are more than 1600+ cryptos created by programmers so the investors can choose one from such a long list and sell them to make profits.

Stocks Trading

Commonly known as shares trading is the process where the companies put their company assets on sale on the public markets. This is a business tactic that every big company practices in order to generate revenue to meet their annual targets as well as generate capitals to make enhancements and developments to their services in order to stay ahead of the competition. Here, the investors can buy the shares from the company whose stock value is speculated to grow in the course of time and once that is met, the investors can sell these stocks to earn profits. 

Indices Trading

In indices trading, it is not assets of a particular company but the collective asset value of a group of companies that make an index. In indices trading, the investors do not have to buy assets but choose one out of 100+ indices currently available in the trading market and place long positions or short positions and earn profits if the deals go in their favor.

Forex Trading

In Forex trading, the investors are provided with a platform where they can buy or sell foreign currencies in the form of pairs such as USD/CAD, USD/GBP, EUR/CAD, GBP/AUS etc. At present, Forex is currently the most liquid and volatile trading market and observes a trading volume of around $5 Trillion per day that towers even above stocks and indices trading combined. As it involves currencies so the investors can choose a particular pair, invest money to buy the units and keep a track of the market and sell the currencies to earn margins.

Commodity Trading

Commodity trading is a rather unique and natural type of trade where the investors have the freedom of choosing an instrument out of hundreds of commodities, acquired either through agriculture, drilling or mining. From the agricultural side, the most prominent commodities are cotton, wheat, corn and from drilling side, there is petroleum, gasoline, diesel while from the mining side there are gold, copper, silver etc.

Commodities are further divided into two groups called hard commodities and soft commodities. In the hard commodities, you will find products such as gold, silver, oil etc. and soft commodities that include wheat, rice, cotton etc.

The commodity trading is as simple as stocks trading where the investors can choose a commodity and keep it in their possession until the price of the commodity goes up and sell it to make profits.

However, commodity is considered suitable for industries as it is an expensive trade for an individual. But, individuals can also benefit from it by acting as a seller and buyer, set up contracts on a particular commodity with respect to its price at a certain time and date and if the price of the product rises by that time, it’s the buy who makes the profit and if the prices drops than the pre-set value then it is the seller. The contracts can then be reset or amended to include more conditions with the mutual agreement of both parties.

Ainvesting’s Top Notch Trading Platforms

For every online trading brokerage to ensure that their investors get to practice their learnings and use their trading skills to the fullest, it is extremely important for them to develop and provide the investors a trading platform that fulfills their needs and provides them with a safe and secure trading environment. However, majority of the brokerages pay no attention to the trading platforms as all of their attention is towards the money that they need to get out of their investors.

This is where Ainvesting totally knocks it out of the park by providing their clients with one of a kind and the most sophisticated trading platform known as WebTrader. This trading platform is comes up with features such as single click execution, intuitive & state of the art trading interface, buy/sell start, buy/sell stop, variety of trading charts, historical trading reports, latest trading news bulletin, algo trading, 70+ trading signals and many more.

Most importantly, the trading platform enables the investors to trade in any online trading market and they can also choose to trade from a number of trading currencies and languages. Furthermore, the investors can rest assured as all of their trading assets and funds are kept secure and protected under the firewall protections that are on-par with industry-level security protocols.

Mobile Trading App

If you thought that I was done with the trading platform then breaking news, I was just getting started. In the current era when every service is reachable with a single tap or a single click, it would be a pain point for Ainvesting if they failed to keep up with the ongoing trends and practices. Which is not at all the case with Ainvesting as they have managed to develop and launch their trading platform through the apps that are available on both android and IOS.

These apps come equipped with the same features that one gets to have through the primary trading platform but is more convenient to use as one does not have to be bound to a single operating system to perform trades and can start trading anytime and anywhere they want to. This is again an achievement that Ainvesting has made that has proven beneficial not only for their business but for their clients.

Tablet Trading App

Again, if you thought that mobile trading app wasn’t enough, then you better get ready to absorb this next feature. As the world is observing advancements in technology and gadgets every single day, the time of desktops, macbooks and laptops also seems to be becoming old fashioned as people are now switching to gadgets that tend to serve the same purpose but in more convenient and quicker way. This is where the Tablets come in as they seem to be overtaking these side of the market and people are now becoming more dependent on tablets than desktops, macbooks or other devices of the same sort.

Tablets are the next big thing and Ainvesting has been smart enough to recognize it and has managed to develop and launch an app for the tablet users. This is again a milestone achieved by Ainvesting as it not only creates ease and convenience for investors but also targets an entire market from the business point of view.

Education System to Empower The Traders

Personally for me, this proved to be the real deal as I found no other brokerage offering the same benefits and educational programs but Ainvesting. After the careful analysis of the trading markets and gathering feedback from potential as well as already investors, Ainvesting has put together an educational program that has proven to be extremely useful and beneficial for investors no matter the level or experience they’ve had in trading:

Online Courses

The first from the list are the online courses that Ainvesting has created for their investors. The motive behind this is to ensure that the investors are able to gain the knowledge and information necessary in order to perform and enhance their trading skills. These courses are limited not only to the novice traders but are useful for investors who are considered veterans in the trading business. These learnings are shaped in the form of ladders that the investors can climb and watch one by one, covering each and every trading instrument and asset along the way.


This is somewhat an eye candy for the book lovers. Because there are many investors who are used to reading books and going through e-books to enhance their learning skills, Ebooks have been created by the trading gurus and expert analysts at Ainvesting with the sole purpose of providing insights and useful information against the online trading environment, instruments as well as difficulties.


Another very important component from Ainvesting’s educational program is the webinars that the investors get the chance to be a part of. The purpose of holding these webinars is to provide investors a platform to interact with each other where they can share the good and bad trading experiences they’ve had along the way and then learn from each other. So far, these webinards have proven to be very productive as the investors enjoy talking to each other about their trading experiences.


If you have gained somewhat of an experience and knowledge around the trading brokerages, you must have realized that the knowledge and information that the online trading markets have to offer is so much that it feels like being in a rainforest. However, I found Ainvesting’s Glossary section as a well-constructed and paved road in that rainforest as it contains information and meaning of all the terms and short forms that are being used in the online trading world on a daily basis and knowing these terms can make your trading journey a lot smoother than it would be without them.

Trading Info

Another very important component yet similar to the glossary is Ainvesting’s Trading Info section that provides investors the information around the trading assets, instruments and their uses. This section has all the information that one may need to get themselves familiarized with the trading markets and the most profitable instruments.

Ainvesting’s 24/5 Customer Support

To ensure that Ainvesting keeps providing investors with the best and the most advanced services, they have organized a team of individuals who are almost gurus in their field of customer support and satisfaction. They are highly knowledgeable and proficient in dealing with customer queries and provide solutions as quickly as possible.

However, Ainvesting has taken the customer satisfaction level to an entirely new level by training these individuals on the basics of online trading, making them very much dependable on solving their customer queries and if they establish that something is out of their scope, they are aware of how they can raise it to the relevant team for the prompt response.

Remember, Trading is As Risky as It is Profitable

To be honest, the first thing I learnt the moment I made my first investment in the online trading was that you need patience to its max and have to take any troubles head on as the online trading world comes with both, fortunes and failures. In the online trades, your investments are your responsibility and if you lose interest for a second, you may end up losing all your investments as well as your funds so make sure that when you choose, you also go through all the factors otherwise you will end up regretting your decision.