Bankers Using WhatsApp Beware: Latest Regulatory Efforts Push for WhatsApp Monitoring

People are continuously adapting to the new environment brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are figuring out how to work around quarantine measures, so they can continue with their lives while following protocols.

Numerous industries are coming up with ways to keep economic activities moving, including the regulated sector. Being part of this industry, the financial, public, and health sectors, among others, can experience fraud and data breaches.

While quarantine measures restrict normal operations, financial firms are prompted to have their employees work remotely. Most people are used to the office setup where they can use gadgets specified for work to carry out their tasks. However, telework has forced some finance employees to use personal devices.

An increase in the utility of mobile messaging apps has been recorded with the ongoing lockdown. As people look to using applications like WhatsApp for an easier means of messaging, monitoring communication over this platform can be quite challenging for regulatory compliance.

Regulated firms are mandated to monitor phone calls and messages, especially when their employees are talking with clients to ensure the prevention of sharing confidential information and the avoidance of fraudulent activities.

Through archiving products like TeleMessage, firms can effectively monitor employee communication and transactions with clients and securely record them for regulation compliance. The TeleMessage WhatsApp Archiver can capture voice call and messages in the work-related communication of financial firms and banks.

This archiving program allows companies to cater to their clients’ preferences in messaging platforms while complying with regulatory requirements.