How to borrow money in Singapore?

 How to borrow money in Singapore?

Borrowing or taking money in Singapore is as easy as having tea from a cup. The money lenders in Singapore opt for customer friendly processing. Which basically requires few valid borrower information and all proper proofs for income and expenses. 

  1. HSBC personal loan

It is undoubtedly one of the largest banking and financial services in the world. They have a customer of around 40K with Money Lender in Singapore. They offer a wide range of loans such as personal banking, commercial banking, global banking etc. 

They have a long term strategy which reflects their purpose enabling them to connect customers for opportunities all around the world in terms of financing. As, money lender in Singapore they provide a customised package for every customer.

  1. Citibank Quick Cash

Citibank Quick Cash is one of the most flexible money lending services in Singapore. They provide funds instantly within or above your credit limit, you can pay back on your terms. They offer flexible tenures ranging from 6 to 48 months. 

There is no paperwork as it is simple and hassle can avail it instantly from the app or citibank online. Money lenders in Singapore are flexible with your needs, but not only the benefit of the company.

  1. POSB/ DBS Personal loan

One of the favourites among the money lending business, POSB offers interest rates as low as 3,88 percent p.a. Also when you apply online, they get you the instant cash or personal loan. As money lender in Singapore they have efficient services.


Their process is very easy, all you need to do is apply and bring the necessary documents for verification and you can easily get the desired amount and also the tenure based on your choice and financial condition.

  1. Standard chartered Cashone

It is a famous licensed moneylender in Singapore. They offer interest rates from 3.48% p.a so you can enjoy their competitive rates. Within only 15 minutes, you can get the cash disbursed to any existing account based on your choice.

You can also receive up to thousands dollars off of your first month’s instalment amount in the form of cashback. If you are finding the best money lender in Singapore, then this is a really great option to choose from.

  1. HL Bank personal loan

HL Bank personal loan is one of the top class licensed Money lender in Singapore which offers interest rates from 3.88 % p.a. They offer quick access to your banking details with fuss free payment methods. 

You can also borrow upto 4 times the salary you get. It also offers flexible repayment options. You can take between 1 year and 5 years to repay the loan. 

These companies have been authorised and licensed as money lender in Singapore. Their work is as easy and feasible for almost all junctures of income. Hence, if you are Wanting an immediate financial help, then opt for borrowing from the above Money Lender in Singapore.