How To Get An Education Loan For MS In The USA?

 How To Get An Education Loan For MS In The USA?

It is difficult to get an education loan that fulfills all the requirements of your study and other expenses; it is based on many conditions. Most of the banks, NBFC, and the lenders have multiple conditions that are strictly fulfilled by the applicant or the borrower. Like the eligibility criteria, the complicated application process, and uncertain sanction loan. Many times it seems that the loan amount you get is less than you apply for and you have to struggle because of education loan for MS in USA and have to manage your expenses and the unbalance interest rate.

Many banks and NBFC, take plenty of time to sanction the loan, they take more than 30 days to complete the process, and the paperwork too much in the process. After that, they sanction the loan but the interest rate is very high. That the applicant can be stuck to repay the amount and they also ask for the security for paying the loan.

Why Leap finance?

The leap finance is the best rather than the banks, NBFC, and other lenders. Because the rate of interest is low then others and the paperwork is non-existence. They think that the money is not heavy on your study and new life. You can get a loan in just 5 days and can easily start your new life without any tension by getting education loan for USA. So you can apply for your visa without any stress and keep moving ahead.

What are the documents required for an Education Loan for the USA?

The leap finance aims to give a study loan on the easy base and the applicant feel-good process experience. You just need to log in from your computer anytime and anywhere and fill the details in the form and submit the form online.

You need a list of documents to apply online with us.

  1. Online application form on the leap finance
  2. Co-signers KYC details
  3. All education certificate of yours
  4. Residence and citizenship certificate
  5. Complete detail of your course with fee breakup

How To Apply For An Education Loan For The USA?

Some easy steps that the applicant has to follow:

1 Step- Application and loan offer

  • The applicant has to fill all the details in the online application form.
  • After submitting the application form, the leap finance gives the applicant to show the loan offer.
  • The applicant has to accept the offer and select the loan amount.
  • After that, the applicant has to video call and the agent answers all the questions.
  • The applicant gets the sanction letter after this.

2 Step- Loan Sanction And Agreement

  • The applicant has to upload all the documents to get the sanction letter for free of cost. This is important for applying visa and I20 form.
  • When you successfully apply for a visa and I20, you have needed to upload the same documents on the profile page.

3 Step- Disbursal, And Repayments

  • Both parties have to sign on the agreement of the loan.
  • Leap finance charge 1-2% of the loan amount.
  • The amount directly sends to the university.
  • That’s all to get the loan. You’re done.

David Curry