How to go about selling your luxury watch? 

 How to go about selling your luxury watch? 

We all have that one thing we love to collect or collect for a long, long time. But in most cases, what happens is we fall out of that habit, and the collection just collects dust. Similarly, the same happens for luxury watch collections as well. Since we are not wearing them, nor collecting them as a hobby anymore, keeping them seems like a waste of space. The most intelligent thing to do here is to go to a trustworthy place and sell them.

The place must be a place that will give you the full value of your watch because otherwise, you will lose out on what your watch deserves. So how to find a good shop that will buy your luxury watch at its full value? Well, before you go to Google to search, “sell my watch Sydney,” let me introduce you to Gold Buyers Sydney. Considered to be one of the best in the second-hand market, they give you the highest value for your watches. But what do you need to do to extract the highest value from them? Well, read to find out.

Preparing your luxury watch to retrieve the highest value 

When you come to Gold Buyers, the company’s appraisers will test your watch to see if it is working well or not. Then the physical condition of the watch and its authenticity checks come. If your watch does not pass these tests, you cannot expect to command the highest value. Speaking of value, the value is calculated according to the brand’s market value and the model. The appraisal of your watch will also include checks for the bracelet, straps, watch’s case, crystals, dials, and hands. The bezel’s value will also be determined, which is framing the crystal, crown, case, and case back. So to summarize, the following are the most important things which determine the value of your luxury watch:

  • The physical condition of the watch needs to be excellent to get the best price.
  • The mechanics of the watch. They need to work well if you want the best price.
  • The wear and tear on the watch. It needs to be minimum for you to expect the best price.
  • Lastly, how many accessories you had supplied to you when you bought the watch, including the bill of purchase and the case.

Moreover, if you want your appraisal process to be done as quickly as possible, you must bring all the original documentation with your watch to the store. This also includes the case and all the other accessories which were supplied to you. If you have done any servicing on the watch, you must also bring the records.


As you can very well see, selling your Luxury watch is very easy. If it is in mint condition, you will get the best price because Gold buyers are known to provide the highest amount of money in the second-hand market. Moreover, you have the option of taking cash immediately, which is a cherry on the cake. So if you are looking to sell your watch, wait no longer and head over to their office!