Look For Your best Options in Choosing a Printer

 Look For Your best Options in Choosing a Printer

Inkjet, laser, mono function, multifunction, connected to wifi, equipped with an Ethernet port. Printers represent a colossal market, both in the professional and personal context. There are many brands and models, which is why finding the right printer for you can be a challenge. Here are our tips to help you make your choice.

Define needs: single-function or multi-function

The first step is to define the use that will be made of your printer. This will firstly allow you to divide the offer into two distinct categories.

The single-function printer is a type of printer intended for an exclusive use: printing. This type of device therefore does not contain a scanner, photocopier and fax device. It is recommended for people simply looking to make their prints or for those who already have a multifunction printer and who would like to purchase an additional device. Choosing the https://www.streetsprocesscolour.co.uk/cambridge-printers/  happens to be perfect in this case.

The multifunction printer, on the other hand, allows you to combine several tasks: printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing. It is therefore versatile and more suitable for professional use requiring several functions. As a result, multifunction printers are more expensive than single-function printers.

Select the appropriate technology: laser or inkjet

After having defined the appropriate type of printer, the associated technology must be selected. The choice is therefore directed towards laser or inkjet devices. These two processes are the most common on the market.

The inkjet printer is the preferred solution for home use. It allows printing quality and faithful color reproduction. Not very bulky, this device is only used occasionally. The inkjet printer is the most affordable device on the market.

The laser printer should be favored for intensive use. It guarantees rapid printing in large quantities. So, despite its price, it is the most profitable printer. Perfect for office automation, however, laser technology is not the best option for prints where color is essential.

Once you have determined the most suitable technology (inkjet or laser), you can perform a precise and targeted search taking into account your needs (single-function or multi-function). In the majority of cases, multi-function inkjet printers will be preferred over other models because of their versatility.

Decipher the characteristics

The final step in choosing your printer is to compare the different models and the features they present. But it is still necessary to be able to decipher and understand all the information provided.

The resolution

The resolution is a parameter indicating the print quality (sharpness and color reproduction). It is calculated in dpi (dots per inch) or dpi (dot per inch, in English). This measurement is also used to define the quality of the scanner, when there is one.

The connection

The connection is often made up of four options which can coexist: Ethernet port, wifi, Bluetooth and USB port. Both wifi and bluetooth ensure fully wireless use. The Ethernet port allows you to connect your printer to the Internet through your modem or router. Finally, the USB port is used to connect your printer to the computer from which you are performing the tasks.

Daniel Donn