Neuer Capital Review – How Does it Make Crypto Trading Easy? 

 Neuer Capital Review – How Does it Make Crypto Trading Easy? 

After the boom in 2017, the popularity of crypto trading has surged through the roof. With numerous traders making millions overnight when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies reached their peak, it isn’t surprising that thousands of people rushed towards this market to get a taste as well. Today, there are millions of people trading in the cryptocurrency markets and there is no shortage of opportunities because plenty of these instruments have been introduced in the last decade. To keep up with their increasing demand, the number of crypto trading platforms has also increased two-fold, which means that if you are contemplating entering this market, you will not have a problem in finding platforms.

But, you shouldn’t forget that every crypto trading platform will differ. You cannot just pick the first one you will find because there is no guarantee that they will be the right choice for you. What works for one broker may not work for you because every trader has different expectations and trading style. Moreover, there are also some platforms that can make crypto trading excessively complicated and difficult, and this is something you don’t want to experience. Your aim is to take advantage of the opportunities in this market and this can only happen if you opt for a reliable platform.

Neuer Capital is one crypto trading platform that will pop up in your search, which was introduced by Expand Solutions Ltd., hailing from the Republic of Seychelles. It specializes in crypto trading services, but you need to know how they have simplified the process of crypto trading before you can move ahead with them. This can only happen when you know what they will offer to you. Read on to find out:

  • Easy registration process

The first step that can often be daunting for newbie traders is registering with a broker. You cannot be sure of what they will ask of you and this can make you nervous. Some platforms have extensive requirements, such as documentations, contracts and what not. Others may be slow, have multiple forms, have approval procedures or continue giving you errors. Neuer Capital has kept their registration easy to simplify the trading process. 

To register with them, you have to visit their website, click on the Register button and it will open up ONE form. Yes, there is just one form that you have to fill out and it will only take you a couple of minutes because it asks for very basic details. You have to fill out your first and last name, email address, a password and a phone number. Neuer Capital also gives you three currencies to choose from, which you will use for making your deposits and withdrawals, and these are EUR, USD and GBP. Lastly, you have to agree with their Terms & Conditions and then will be immediately registered. 

  • Robust security measures

Security should be on top of the list of any trader when they are looking for reliable brokers. In today’s digital age, your funds and information is at risk when you are sharing it with someone, as you do when signing up with a trading platform. If their system is compromised, you could also end up suffering. Neuer Capital boasts robust security measures on their trading platform, as you will soon come to know. You will find that they have opted for 100% SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption that can keep all sensitive and confidential data encrypted and safe.

They also audit their security systems regularly to prevent anyone from gaining access. Funds security is ensured through segregation of accounts. These are kept separate from the company’s own accounts, and the deposits remain safe, even in the event of bankruptcy. Moreover, policies like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies have been implemented to ensure that their platform doesn’t become the hub for identity theft or any other criminal activities, such as money laundering. 

  • Versatile trading solutions 

There is no doubt that the trading platform that you use can make trading easy or difficult for you. Any broker can make crypto trading easy for you by offering you a versatile solution, but it can become extremely difficult to trade, if the platform is too complex or lacking in any way. Neuer Capital has come up with versatile trading solutions for their clients, as you will find a web trading platform available on their website. They have used state-of-the-art technology for developing this platform due to which it operates efficiently and can deliver a seamless trading experience.

First off, it doesn’t require any downloads or installation of any kind because it can be accessed through their browser. Secondly, it offers one-click trading, combined with ultra-fast trading execution, enabling traders to take advantage of even the smallest of market movements. It also gives you latest market news, price alerts and trading signals that can be useful during the trading process. The platform also boasts cross-device functionality, as you have to access it via the browser. 

  • Diverse trading options 

You are eager to trade cryptocurrencies, but it can be quite disappointing to sign up with a broker, only to find out that they don’t give you much options to trade. Sure, Bitcoin is the most renowned cryptocurrency, but it is not the only one in the market. There are a ton of others that have joined the ranks since then, and they are also quite profitable. You want to be able to try your luck with different options and Neuer Capital gives you the opportunity to do so. They have added diverse trading options, such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Ripple, Ethereum, Qtum, IOTA, EOS and lots more that you can try out. 


Along with these offerings, Neuer Capital has also incorporated various account options, multiple payment methods, an extensive education and training center, round-the-clock customer support options and supportive trading conditions to make the crypto trading process easy for every trader, whether a newbie or a skilled trader. 

David Curry