Ways to ensure your photocopier is in excellent condition

 Ways to ensure your photocopier is in excellent condition

To ensure that the photocopier lasts a long time and performs at its best, regular maintenance of the machine is essential. Avoiding issues such as low-quality copies and unusual noise can be assured when it is properly maintained.  Keep reading to find the best ways to keep the photocopier in excellent condition:

Go through the instruction manual

Like any other technological utilities, it is inevitably essential to go through the instruction manual before even using the machine. Read through the manual for the general tips on the using the photocopier maintenance, task in a specific model and the proper method of operating it.  It helps in avoiding any breaks in services or jamming of the paper while printing. You will also have the manufacturer methods recommendations clearly mentioned in the manuals.

Regular cleaning

The photocopier glass tends to build up with dust and grime and should be cleaned regularly. Use glass cleaner and wide down the glass neatly, at least once in a day. Else, the smears and streaks start to appear on the copies.

Next, use a dry cloth or microfiber to clean the dust on the inside parts of the copier machine and get rid of the pesky debris that could affect the copies. Use the compressed air in the places which are hard to reach and ensure the dust is removed from the machine.

Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the ink cartridge head of the machine over and get rid of any debris.

It is stressful and frustrating when the paper gets jammed inside the machine as you need to spend some time for un-jamming the machine and remove the paper out. The major reason for a paper jam could be dust on the paper rollers that affects the smooth movement of the paper through it. Simply wipe the paper rollers with a lint-free cloth regularly to avoid the paper jams inside the machine.

Make sure you are using the right parts and paper

Using the wrong parts or the paper will lead to the damage and improper functioning of the machine. Ensure that the thickness and weight of the paper are suitable for the type of machine you have.  Too heavy or thick paper will cause a jam.

Clean the drum

The drum is the part that helps in the transfer of the toner onto the paper when making copies. Excess clogging of the toner on the drums is usual when the photocopier is regularly used. Use Mylar bar to clean the toner from the drum. When the drum of the machine wears out, you will start to see lines or faults across the page. Replace the drum unit when you find the repeated white lines on your pages.

For the best performance of the machine, ensure that it is regularly cleaned. Following these simple tips will ensure that it keeps running and saves your precious time at the office and not getting stressful repairing the jammed paper inside your machine. Call Nationwide Copiers for any photocopier maintenance and repairs, and we will ensure top-class solutions at many affordable rates.