8 Commonly Used Emojis And Their Meanings 

 8 Commonly Used Emojis And Their Meanings 

As the years go by, people find ways on how to communicate through messages. Nowadays, adding emojis to messages is normal, and the younger generations do this quite a lot. Emojis became so popular that they could replace words and compositions of posts on social media. Some emojis have simple meanings, but others have more to it.

Expressing your personality can be in the form of emojis if you can’t find the words for it. Today, we see social media posts, statuses, messages, and more emojis inserted on them. Many said that adding emojis can increase people’s engagement with the post by 25 percent. This article will show you six commonly used emojis and their meaning.

The Knife emoji

A simple knife emoji could mean the person sending it is cooking, slicing something, or implies scary horror or action movies. This Knife emoji can have a double meaning to it. A knife emoji are sent or used when you are getting ready for dinner or watching slasher movies. If you want to invite your friends and let them know you want to watch horror, send them this.

A knife is a dangerous weapon, but it could mean you are in a bad mood in the emoji world. Sometimes this is sent when someone wants to open something up with the use of a knife or destroy things because of anger or personal reasons.

The Flying Money With Wings

Many people can relate so much when they see a flying money emoji. Just by looking at it, you would know what it means. This emoji implies that someone spent something expensive and feels like their money flew away so quickly. This emoji is often used when people work so hard to earn cash but quickly fly away because they love to shop or they need to pay bills.

The Clapping Of Hands Emoji

This emoji is as simple as ever. Most of the time, it is used or sent when applauding something or someone. If someone has a significant accomplishment in people’s lives, send them this emoji to congratulate them. The clapping hand emoji can also mean sarcasm; some people send this if they read or send offensive messages.

The Sweat Face Emoji

This emoji has a smiling face, but with a droplet of dripping sweat on the right side of its head. This sweat emoji implies when a person is experiencing clutches or close calls in life or doing something. 

Another meaning for this sweat emoji is if the person feels a certain level of awkwardness or discomfort. In real life, we say “phew!” but in the emoji world, these sweat face emoji have the same feeling of relief.

The One Hand Waving Emoji

This one hand waving emoji is childish, playful, and means saying hi, hello, or goodbye to the person he or she is sending it to. On other websites, you can see these emojis. This waving emoji means they are welcoming you to their server. 

The Hair Flip Girl Emoji

This hair flip emoji shows the personality of a person. This emoji shows that the person is sarcastic, sassy, savage, or sometimes it depicts disrespect to things. Most people use this hair flip emoji when people are confident about what they have said or what they have done.

The Nail Polish Emoji

Being casual can be expressed using the nail polish emoji. Some think of it as a saying that someone is prettier than the other one. It often implies having an arrogant expression. Overconfidence is another meaning of this emoji. 

Although for most people, they only send this emoji for spoiling themselves with pamper days. Some girls go to the mall and will get their nails fixed at a nail salon. They take pictures of it and add a caption with only this nail polish emoji in it. Showing that she is having a great time getting her nails done. 

The Hiding Monkey Emoji

There are three types of monkey emojis. This monkey emoji hiding its face using both hands indicates a shy personality or being embarrassed at something they have done. You can also use this monkey to show that you wished you didn’t see a thing you are not supposed to see.


As you can see, all emojis created to take your composition of messages on a whole other level. Using emojis will make your texts stand out from others. Emojis can sometimes be confusing since they may have double meanings. To know whether you are using the exact emoji depicting your feeling or expression, you should know the meaning behind it. 

This article showed eight random emojis that are commonly used by people. If you know the meaning behind each emojis, you can now use them at ease, without thinking if you sent the right emoji for your feeling.

Jenny Gill