EZDSK Review – An Exclusive Crypto Trading Platform

 EZDSK Review – An Exclusive Crypto Trading Platform

While there is no doubt that crypto currency is an asset which has high potential of return huge profits but the fact of the matter is that it can be gloomy if you are unable to find a trading platform which is capable of giving the you the opportunities to make the best out of it and which is trustworthy so that you can have the peace of mind regarding the security of your investment as well as the asset. Thankfully, there is an online trader called EZDSK which is a platform where a trader can pursue his trading career without fear and above all can utilize its facilities to carve out maximum profits.

Crypto oriented trading platform

EZDSK has been empowering its traders in buying, selling and exchanging crypto currencies as well as allowing them to trade Forex from and within the local and global forex markets of the world. It is a trading platform which is suitable for every type of trader whether a trader has zero knowledge or an average known how. The platform has been designed in a way to provide ease of convenience to the traders in terms of learning the online trading industry and then helping them to execute their trading transactions based on knowledge, skills and expertise. 

An ultimate protector of your funds

If anyone wishes to become a member of EZDSK, he needs not to worry about the security of his funds and confidential data because EZDSK is 100% legitimate and authentic crypto broker and is a guardian of your hard earned money. The trading tools available with EZDSK, are top notch in terms of usability and industry leading tools which offer user friendly interface and can be used for trading in multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecon, Ripple and many more. 

Let us now have a look at the smart features that can be used by a trader at the platform of EZDSK and that what benefits are there for a trader which makes EZDSK different as well as better from other online brokerage firms of the same type.

Difference between EZDSK and other trading platforms

The first and foremost thing to note about EZDSK is that it is a 100% single purpose based exclusive platform which is available for trading cryptocurrencies and accepts cryptocurrencies as means of investment. 

Coupled with this fact that a trader can trade crypto through crypto, EZDSK can be easily differentiated from any other online brokerage who, on the other hand, are not single purpose platforms but instead they offer multiple trading assets and that they do not accept investment in the form of cryptocurrencies. This gives an advantage and extra push to the traders of EZDSK because due to this exclusivity they are able to be in the first place when there is an opportunity and that they have been provided with the much needed support from their brokerage who has complete knowledge, know-how and experience relating to cryptocurrencies only.

How can you become a member of EZDSK

Let us now move on towards the membership, trading accounts and what benefits EZDSK has to offer to its traders.

Firstly, every trader, who wishes to be a part of a brokerage firm, would need to own a trading account which can be signed up with the initial deposit, the amount of which is determined by the brokerage firm. In the case of EZDSK too, the situation is not different. There are 6 different accounts namely Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black and the initial deposits against each account have been kept between Euros 1000 upto 250,000. The trader will then have to provide few profile details and address and once the information given is duly verified then the trader will be required to deposit the amount into his desired trading account. This amount can be easily transferred via debit/credit card or through bank transfer.

Once the account is active, the trader can enter the members’ area of EZDSK and can explore wide range of forex trading opportunities, which are all lucrative. The trader can also, according to the benefits available in his trading account, can utilize the facilities of the platform to make most out of his trading transactions. Some of the benefits which are very helpful for traders of EZDSK are access to 24/6 customer support, education center and daily market reviews, facility of account managers, availability of pro webinars, price alerts, PIA Trading and SMS signals, personalized trading strategy and 1-on-1 trading trainer. The commission being charged from the traders of EZDSK at the time of their transactions, is also very cheap when compared with its competitors.

However, in case the trader does not want to trade and would like to withdraw his funds, he can do it at his will and when a withdrawal request is received it hardly takes a day or two to transfer the amount to the beneficiary.

Get bonus on recommending a friend

After giving all these, still that is not enough. Currently, EZDSK has launched a promotion policy under which if a trader brings a friend, who could be a family member, a friend or else, then the trader who referred the friend would be eligible for extra cash. For example if a friend of an existing trading account holder opens an account by depositing Euros 500 to 1000 then the account holder as well as the friend would both be entitled to receive Euros 25 each in their accounts separately. It may be mentioned that the amount of bonus increases in accordance with the investment of the friend.


As has been explained in the beginning of my EZDSK review, that the road of crypto trading is full of hurdles, which cannot be swept away single-handedly. It will require a helping hand which has the required knowledge and experience, equipped with the necessary tools such as technical and fundamental analysis and can provide opportunities which are attractive but at the same time profitable. So the decision whether you want to be a part of EZDSK – exclusive crypto broker EZDSK, the choice is yours.

Danny White