STR Capital – Your Guide to the Trading Market

 STR Capital – Your Guide to the Trading Market

Starting your trading career with a broker is always a good idea. Their knowledge and training all contribute to providing a service dedicated to providing the best trading experience. When you join a broker, you have access to a wide array of education materials, as well as various trading tools. 

While joining a trader is a no brainer, choosing one can be a daunting task. Every broker that I have seen in the industry offers something new or different. Therefore, your choice in brokers can have a direct impact on how well you trade. And while others offer unique assets or account types STR Capital offers a robust and extensive library of educational content. 

Educational Content to Help Improve

It is no secret that trading is very hard. In fact, even traders that have spent years trading struggle with some deals or fail to see trends in the market. However, that does not mean that it is impossible. Even you, given the right guidance, can learn to become an exceptional trainer. Therefore, in order to help you learn more about trading, STR Capital offers comprehensive educational resources. 

The content includes a multitude of videos, studies, and guides that cover a wide range of topics. They will go over topics such as the history of finance, trends, and various assets as well as their markets. Each account type has access to different parts of their educational content, divided specifically for the different traders. 

For example Traders with the basic account will often be new traders, therefore they will have access to more basic content. This content will revolve around the basics of the trading and how certain assets differ from each other.

On the other hand, Traders with the gold or platinum accounts will have access to more advanced techniques and resources. Their content will revolve around market trends and how to effectively read graphs. 

Different Account Types

While I am talking about the educational content, it is a good time to talk about the different account types available. 

Brokers cater to various types of traders. Some of their traders will be veterans in the field that have years of trading experience under their belt. Other might have just started trading a few days ago, whereas some are just in the middle. These traders in the middle have enough training and knowledge to not be beginners, but do not have the experience of a veteran. 

Brokers will have to cater to each of these individuals, and their trading needs. One way that they cater to their trader’s needs is by offering them widely different account types. STR-Capital also offers their users a wide selection of account types. 

Their account types include Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Millionaire Club. All of these account types see an upward progression, and refer to how a new trader will eventually improve over time. The deposit range also increases with each subsequent account type. The basic range is between €500 and €9,999, Silver falls between €10,000 and €99,999, and Gold between €100,000 and €249,999.

Many Assets to Trade With 

The major reason that any trader would come to a brokerage is to trade. While the different account types and wealth of educational content are certainly important, they fall secondary to the firm’s assets. Therefore, if a broker does not have the assets that a trader wants, then incredible education material does not mean much. 

Luckily, STR Capital offers traders a robust selection of assets to choose from, which have become a staple among brokers. Their list of assets includes stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies. All of these assets have an incredible market that offers significant profits. 

Commodities are a relatively niche asset top trade in, as most individuals rather prefer stock or indices. However, it is still a major part of the financial market.

As a new trader, you want to trader in as many assets as you can. By trying out all the available options, you can find out which asset suits you best. Conversely, intermediates should always try to diversify their portfolio to take advantage of opportunities in other markets. 

A Platform for the Modern Day Trader

I have seen a lot of brokers struggling to bring in a substantial clientele, despite the market clearly being on the rise. Even though new traders are looking to start trading every day, these brokers fail to attract them. And a major reason for their failure is their lack of understanding of most modern day traders. 

Most traders today do not set aside a dedicated amount of time to trade. Instead, they will trade during while they are traveling or on the move. While this is not the best way to trade, it is what they are most comfortable with. In fact, even I am starting to gravitate more towards this “on the go” style of trading. 

STR Capital is one of many brokers that are moving to mobile only trading platform. Their first party trading platform offers a well optimized and user-friendly alternative to web platforms. Through their mobile platform you can also access their various other features. These include various features such as access to their educational content and various account specific features. 

All in all, this trading platform is both versatile and powerful enough to be your primary form of trading. Moreover, the intuitive user-interface is easy to understand and takes very little time to get used to. 

Dare to Take Calculated Risks

One lesson that both beginner and intermediate traders too long to learn is that they will have to take risks. These traders often have a misconception about wanting to earn as much as they possibly can, in as short a time frame with close to no risk. And if you have been trading for some time, you know that there is no way they can achieve that. 

Therefore, when starting out, the best thing to do is start taking those calculated risks. Understand what makes an opportunity worth your time, even if it is a little risky. To learn more about STR Capital visit this link.