What Kind of Tax Planning You Can Opt for Now

 What Kind of Tax Planning You Can Opt for Now

Take advantage of tax planning, in this case it is a question of getting well informed about all the tax rules and regulations that allow you to obtain savings in terms of taxes for the freelancer, starting from the legal form of your business, up to considering the VAT number flat rate, the type of tax regime and so on. You can calculate it all with the Tax refund calculator now.

Real estate:

If the freelancer uses rented premises to carry out his business, this cost will be 100% deductible.

Choose a good accountant:

Finally, the choice of an accountant is fundamental as he can help you manage your business in the best possible way, without neglecting any bureaucratic detail.

The 2020 single certification can be sent by email only on condition that the employer is certain that the employee is in a position to receive the email and print its content. In this sense it is therefore preferable to use a certified e-mail address (peck).

Employees and self-employed workers must keep the single 2020 certification for the purposes of the subsequent compilation of the tax return (model 730 for employees or model Income PF for self-employed workers).

If the taxpayer notices that the data reported in the single certification tax 2020 (the former CUD model) are incorrect, he must promptly notify the employer / client who issued the document, in order to have the correction communicated to the Agency of Revenue.

Single certification deadline 2020: delivery to the taxpayer and electronic submission

In summary: the single certification must be delivered by the employer or the client to the employee or self-employed worker (recipient subject) by the deadline of March 31 of each year.

On the contrary, the deadline for the electronic submission of the single certification by the employer or client must be made by 7 March of each year, except in the case of self-employed workers not interested in sending the pre-filled 730 form for which the deadline is the same as for the 770 models or 31 October.

  • One of the least loved tasks in the working life of self-employed workers is the annual tax return.
  • In this article we will try to shed some light on what a “self-employed person” is and how he should behave with regard to the tax return and the payment of related taxes.

To better define the type of self-employed worker, it is first of all necessary to distinguish between freelancers and self-employed workers. Although the two expressions are often used interchangeably, there is indeed a conceptual difference:


The professionals provide a high-performance intellectual content and are usually enrolled at a bar or order. We can think of doctors, lawyers, psychologists, architects etc. The self-employed rather indicate those groups of people who work without being subordinate, i.e. independently, without subscribing to a specific register. For example, hairdressers, mechanics and so on can fall into this category.

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